ProPaint Auto FAQ’s

Q. How long do repairs take?
A. Most repairs are usually completed with in 1.5 to 3 hours. All jobs completed in the day

Q. Will my car get covered in overspray?
No we mask up surrounding panels and cover rest of car with plastic sheet.

Q. How do you get the right color for my car?
We get the color code off your car then using or specialized computer mixing system we mix the paint.

Q. Will you spill paint on my driveway or garage floor?
. No we will not. The paint is mixed in our van and then transferred to the gun ready to use.

Q. What do you need to complete a repair?
We need a driveway, street parking or garage/cover if raining. We also need electricity and water.

Q. Because you work outside will the paint have dust and dirt init when sprayed? A. No. We machine polish all our jobs after drying.

Q. How do you dry the paint, and can I use car right away?
we carry specialized heat drying equipment to cure the paint, and yes the car can be used right away.

Q. Are you both licensed and insured?
Yes we are. Both Harry and Peter are fully licensed and have top levels of insurance. Combine that with over 20 years of expertise between them you can rest assured you will receive high quality workmanship

Q. Is your work guaranteed?
. Yes it is, we offer a lifetime guarantee on all our work.

Q. Why are your repairs much cheaper than a Panel Beater?
We don’t have the huge overheads like they do, also we specialize in touch ups. We only paint what needs painting.

Q. Do you only work on prestige cars?
No we will work on any make and model

Q. Can you repaint my alloy wheels another color?
Yes. Not only can we repair gutter damage we can also change the color of your rims.

Q. My bumper has a hole/split, Can that be repaired?
Usually yes. We have plastic welding equipment to do such repairs.

Q. Can you detail my car?
. No we can’t. We specialize in touch up repairs to plastic bumpers, mirror covers, side moldings and alloy wheels. We can also fix minor scratches on panels.

Q. How do I get a quote?
Fill in the form on this site or give Harry or Peter a call or send an SMS and we will call you:

Harry Giotopoulos
0418 299 568

Peter Hansell
0418 299 549